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Turn RISE to RISE4 Kit - Redesigned Black K1 K2 K3 K4 Back Buttons Housing & Remap PCB Board for ps5 Controller eXtremeRate RISE & RISE4 Remap kit - Controller & Other RISE Accessories NOT Included - VPFM5001P

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Prepared for e-Sport Tournaments:
The replacement back button shell is ergonomic back buttons, ONLY compatible with eXtremeRate RISE and RISE4 remap kit for ps5 controller.
Search B09MJY3RFY and B09NTHL6NZ to purchase eXtremeRate RISE and RISE4 remap kit for ps5 controller.

Product Feature:
Turn your RISE kit to RISE4 kit, upgrade your controller from 2 back buttons to 4 back buttons
Made of premium ABS material, durable and practical.
Easy for installation, need to remove the eXtremeRate RISE back buttons housing to install the replacement parts.
Perfect replacement for your old broken or sticky eXtremeRate RISE back buttons.

The back paddles are only compatible with RISE4 PCB remap board which comes with the package.

Product Includes:
1x RISE remap PCB board for eXtremeRate RISE and RISE4 Remap Kit
1 Set back button housing
10x Screws
Note: The controller, RISE remap kit and other parts are not included!

Customer Reviews

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Colton Mayers
Great gear!

I love the ease of use. My only qualm with the setup is that the back trigger buttons are positioned in such a way that you can accidently click them when trying to click something else. For instance, if you are like me and click down on the analog stick to sprint, you grip firmer on the back of the controller which can occasionally cause you to tap the triggers. The other buttons are perfect though. My suggestion would be to rubberize the buttons to allow for deliberate clicks and/or have a place for your fingers to rest in the back, like a small flange where you can push up against them. Adding grip-type tape didn't help with the issue for me but obviously that's not a factory piece but rather 3rd party