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eXtremeRate ThumbsGear Interchangeable Ergonomic Thumbstick for Xbox Series X/S Controller & Xbox One Controller & Xbox One Elite Controller & Xbox One X/S Controller - Clear

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SKU: XOJ2106

  • Would you like more control from your controller?
  • Did your thumbs slide at the critical moment?
  • Do you want to replace a damaged or worn joystick?
  • If you keep "yes" in your mind, you should give eXtremeRate ThumbsGear interchangeable thumbsticks a try, A nice upgrade for your Xbox One series controllers and Xbox Series X/S controller.
  • It will totally improve the flexibility and comfort of the joystick and bring you the ultimate gaming experience.
Product Features:
  • Fully designed for Xbox Series X/S controller, also works on other Xbox One series controllers.
  • Easy to replace, open your game controller then install the thumbsticks base.
  • Get an installation guide by searching"eXtremeRate Xbox ThumbsGear interchangeable thumbsticks" on Youtube.
  • Different options for height and mode. Let you enjoy the new experience brought by individual choice.
  • The adjustable height joystick can help you operate the controller flexibly, capture targets faster, and improve accuracy.
  • The surface of the concave joystick has small bumps to prevent slippage, enhance the feel and sensitivity.
  • The surface of the convex joystick is very skin-friendly, giving a comfortable touch grip, greatly reduce the fatigue of your thumbs.
  • Made of hard ABS plastic and TPU material, durable and practical.
  • The joystick heads are very sturdy and will not fall off unless you put some pressure to pull them out.
Package Includes:
  • 3 x Convex thumbsticks
  • 3 x Concave thumbsticks
  • 2 x Plastic thumbsticks base
  • 1 x T8H screwdriver
  • 1 x Prying tool
  • 1 x Thumbsticks storage case
Note:he controller and other parts are not included!