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eXtremeRate Tactile Version Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for PS5 Controller Shoulder Buttons, Custom Tactile Bumper Trigger Buttons for PS5 Controller BDM-010 & BDM-020

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The UPGRADED Mouse Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for ps5 controller is finally here!
Silicone tact switches are added in this newest Clicky Kit.
With it, your shoulder buttons react more flexibly and accurately, and are not easy to stick.
The button resilience is improved to feel like the mouse click, so you won't feel tired even after playing for a long time.

Kind Reminder:
1. Specially designed for ps5 controller BDM-010 & BDM-020 .
2. NOT compatible with BDM-030 and other model controllers (Please check the second picture of the listing before purchase).
3. After installing the Tactile Clicky hair trigger kit, it will always maintain full speed in racing games.
4. The controller is not included.

Product Feature:
1. The Tactile Clicky trigger kit can greatly improve the function of these shoulder buttons for PS5 controller.
2. These accessories will help you fire faster and save valuable time during fast FPS or shooter games.
3. The silicone touch switch is added to the kit, which can provide an excellent button touch, no longer the soft and weak sound before.
4. Just press down 0.5mm, the function of L1R1 can be triggered, saving 1 times the distance.
5. The distance of R2L2 can be shortened by 3.5 times, you can shoot by gently down 3mm.
6. Easy to install, need to disassemble the controller.
7. Get the installation video guide on YouTube by searching "eXtremeRate Clicky Trigger Kit for PS5 Controller BDM-020 & BDM-010" or "JSpm7piCqgQ".
8. Compatible with eXtremeRate DTF LED Kit,SDP buttons, Face Clicky Kit and RISE Remap Kit for PS5 controller.

Package Includes:
1* Clicky Tactile FPC board
1* Built-in Clicky button kit
1* Prying tool
1* Cross screwdriver
26* Screws
Note: The controller, trigger button and other parts are not included!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sabdiel Delgado

Great item

Josiah Tini
Tactile Version Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for ps5 Controller Shoulder Buttons, Custom Tactile Bumpe...

I love them they are so easy to put together and use. I'm really looking forward and hoping they can make a clicky set for ps5 BDM 030. But in its all I love it. 1000% recommend for all player. It's a no brainer

Jeno Rety

Tactile Version Clicky Hair Trigger Kit for ps5 Controller Shoulder Buttons, Custom Tactile Bumper Trigger Buttons for ps5 Controller BDM-010 & BDM-020, Mouse Click Kit for ps5 Controller - PFMD005

Jacob McKenna

Apart from the delivery time taking a while, the setup was easy to install and pretty happy with how the back buttons and triggers feel. Would recommend.

James Manzo

After receiving the product we installed it properly and within a week it broke I took the controller apart and tried to fix it but a little piece is broke off that is needed the product worked very well but the durability of it it just did not last

Hey, we have contacted you and expressed a willingness to send you a replacement.