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eXtremeRate 4 pcs Replacement Metalic Stainless Steel Paddles for Xbox One Elite & Xbox Elite Series 2 & Elite 2 Core Controller - Black

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SKU: IL304

Comaptible Models:
  • Xbox One Elite (Model 1698controller.
  • Xbox One Elite Series 2 (Model 1797 and Core Model 1797) controller.
  • xbox one paddles
Product Feature:
  • Made of metal stainless steel. Military grade for comfort & durability.
  • Fully compatible for Xbox One Elite Series controller.
  • Work exactly the same as the paddles.
  • You don't need to disassemble the controller, just put them in the correct holes.
  • The paddles can offer the right amount of resistance so that it isn't pressed too easily, but loose enough that a quick twitch will activate it.
  • Once you get use to the fact that your middle and ring finger now have buttons available, you slowly incorporate those paddles into your traditional game play.
  • Once those paddles become second nature, you will immediately see a difference.
  • The paddles are excellently made and it is such an easy process to button map the controller.
  • xbox one paddles
Package Includes:
  • 4 Paddles (2 short and 2 long)
Note: The Controller and other parts are not included!