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Black Remappable RISE 4.0 Remap Kit for ps5 Controller BDM 010 & BDM 020, Upgrade Board & Redesigned Back Shell & 4 Back Buttons for ps5 Controller - Controller NOT Included - YPFP3001

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The UPGRADED remap kit (RISE 4.0) for PS5 controller is finally here!
With the latest RISE 4.0 remap kit, the 15 function buttons of the controller can be remapped to the 4 paddle buttons.

Prepared for e-Sport Tournaments:
1. The eXtremeRate RISE 4.0 Remap Kit for PS5 is an evolutionary upgrade kit that adds advanced gaming functionality to your existing controller.
2. The RISE 4.0 remap kit includes a remap board, 1 FPC for BDM-010 020 and an upgrade back shell with 4 additional ergonomic buttons attached.
3. With this kit, you can easily turn your existing controller for PS5 into a professional e-sport gamepad with an additional 4 remappable remap buttons.
4. This remap upgrade solution gives you a competitive edge in Online Gaming and Tournaments, and totally legal.
5. You can remap 15 buttons to the 4 additional buttons which will be pressed by your middle fingers.
6. It's a huge advantage for you because you don't need to move off the sticks and triggers to access other buttons like face buttons during fast FPS or shooter games.

1. Controller NOT included.
2. The eXtremeRate RISE 4.0 Remap kit is compatible with PS5 Controller BDM-010 & BDM-020, NOT fits for BDM-030 and other controller (Please check the second picture of the listing before purchase).
3. You need to take apart your controller for installation, high hands-on skills required.
4. Soldering optional. If you don't need the L3, R3 and touchpad button can be remapped, soldering is not necessary.
5. Get an installation video guide on YouTube by searching "eXtremeRate RISE 4.0 Remap Kit for PS5" or "DdFUF4c3HE".

On-the-fly Buttons Remapping:
  • Just press and hold the Set button on the back for 3 seconds to enter the button programming mode.
  • You can activate the remap program during the game and assign maximum 15 buttons (X, O, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3 and Touchpad Button ) to the back buttons.

Package Includes:
1* RISE remap board
1* L1L2 & R1R2 FPC cable
1* Re-designed back shell
1* K1&K2&K3&K4 back buttons attachment
1* Cross Screwdriver
1* Prying Tool
22* Screws
Note: The controller and other parts are not included!

Customer Reviews

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Henrik Myrhaug
Very happy

Overall great quality, and pretty easy to install.

The guide video is very clear and easy to follow, and you can install the kit without soldering if you want, although you only gain R3, L3, and Touchpad functionality when soldering. The included tools are decent, but not amazing.

Despite not getting the rubber grips, I feel like the back shell is still very grippy. The buttons and paddles are in convenient locations, easy to remap, and just sensitive enough for me.

The first few hours of using this kit was a little uncomfortable for my hands before I got used to it, but I really like it now. I feel like the paddles flex a little too much after activation, making them feel a little mushy. This was fixed for me by sticking a plastic strip to the bottom of each paddle, so that when pressed, they make contact with the shell rather than flexing.