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6 pcs Dpad Button Conductive Metel Patch Pad for Xbox One & Xbox One S/X & Xbox One Elite V1/V2 & Xbox Series X/S Controller - GRA00003GC

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Are you troubled by the misclicky of the Dpad buttons for Xbox controllers during the game?
Want to control your Dpad buttons more precisely?
The eXtremeRate Dpad buttons metal patch pad repair kit will meet your needs, quickly regulate your controller direction buttons and bring a better gaming experience.

Product Fetures:
1. The eXtremeRate Dpad metal pad kit is perfectly fit for Xbox One Standard, Xbox One S/X, Xbox One Elite V1/V2 Controller, and for Xbox Series X & S Controller, NOT fit for other model controllers.
2. This is only the metal pad with screwdriver tools set, no buttons and controller included.
3. You need to take apart your controller for installation, easy to install, just replace your broken part with eXtremeRate Dpad metal patch pads.
4. Work exactly the same as the original ones with long life span.

Package Include:
6* Metal pads
1* T8h screwdriver
1* T6 screwdriver
1* Prying tool
17* Screws
Note: The controller and other parts are not included!

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