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30 Pcs Color Artwork Pattern Signs Led Light Bar Decals Stickers Flim for ps4 Slim Pro Controller Skins - GCLS0050

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Product Features:
The exact size of the light area.Designed for covering led light bar on your ps4 controller.
Give your ps4 controller a little show and tell. Personalize your controller.
They have shapes some of the light goes through, revealing the shape of the image on the sticker.
They are made to allow the light to pass through.
Protect your light bar from scratching.Cut down the glare when you are playing in the dark.
Partially hide the blinding light.
Stick Well. Once on the controller no peeling.
Never leave sticky residue when removed.
Easy on/off application.Reusable.Change them anytime to another one.You take them off and later put them back on if you want to.
Matt finish surface.Thicker than normal stickers. a little bit thinner than a business card. Thick enough to block the light.

Package Include:
30 pcs light bar stickers
1 Set alcohol pad
1 Pcs cleaning cloth