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10x Replacement Kit Button Conductive Flex Cable Film For ps4 Controller JDM-030-GRA00023*10

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eplace your damage, faulty, broken, or liquid damaged Button ribbon circuit board film pad with this new replacement part. Comes ready to install. Why buy New ps4 when you can fix it by these easy solutions.

Technical Information:
Fit for Model: JDM-030
ompatible with ps4.
xcellent Part for damage, faulty, broken, or liquid damaged Conductive internal button sheet membrane.
erfect fitting & functionality of Part is guaranteed.
igh quality brand new replacement part
omes ready to install.

0 Set x Button Ribbon Circuit Film

Important Note:
pening your Device will void your Warranty; BisLinks cannot be held responsible for any damage occurred during your repair process. Please feel free to contact us for further information.