eXtremeRate PS5 Controller DTF LED Kit FAQs

Q: How do u adjust the colors and lighting?
A: Please get the tutorial guide by searching "ChnC9jZcvLI" on YouTube at 17:45s.

Q: I installed mine and it looks great but the joysticks are stiff, is that normal?
A: You can try pressing and moving a few times to check again. 

Q: I see it says V2 for the product. What makes this different from the first version?
A: The V2 is compatible with both PS5 BDM-010 & 020 controllers, while the V1 is only compatible with the BDM-010 model.

Q: Do the LEDs have to be turned on and off with the buttons all the time regardless of controller power on or off?
A: Yes, these LEDs have to be turned on and off with the combined buttons.

Q: How do you change the color?
A: Just press the Setting button on the USB port once to change the color.

Q: Does this turn on automatically when I power on the ps5? or do I have to manually turn this on every time?
A: It is powered by a USB cable to your console, and you need to turn it on and off by pressing the Setting button on the USB port.

Q: Do they restrict any airflow through the front of ps5?
A: It has little effect on the heat dissipation of the console.

Q: When powering on, does the last color/setting come on or do you have to set it to what you want? 
A: It has a memory function, it will keep the latest color setting after restarting.

Q: Does this sync to your music?
A: No, it doesn't.

Q: Do these automatically come on and power off when you shut down the PS5? Or do you have to power it on with the remote?
A: The LED strip will automatically off when you turn off the PS5 console, but you need to turn on the LED strip separately when the PS5 restarts.

Installation Tutorial: PS5 DTF LED Kit