eXtremeRate PS4 Decade Controller Upgrade (DTC) Kit FAQs

Program Mode Troubleshooting and Solutions

Q: I installed it according to the manual but when I press the setting button, nothing happens and the led doesn’t turn on, the triangle button when installing the kit, started having a double-click problem.
A: If the LED won’t turn on, please confirm once again whether the Remap Chip Board PCBA is installed correctly. For the double-click issue, please recheck the connection of FPC#2. Ensuring it is firmly attached to the controller motherboard (the holes of them are aligned), and it is properly plugged into the remap board as well.


Controller Function Troubleshooting and Solutions

Q: Why back buttons are sticky? They don't bounce back like the back button attachment.
A: Please try to loosen a bit of the four screws on the PCB boards to see if it will help.


Product Compatibility

Q: Does this product work with the led kit?
A: Yes, it works with our DTFS led kit.

Q: Is the clicky mod compatible with the decade controller frame?
A: Yes, but once installed together, the trigger stops mechanism on the DECADE kit will become useless.

Installation Tutorial: DTC Kit