eXtremeRate PS4 Controller Dawn Remap Kit FAQs

Program Mode Troubleshooting and Solutions

Q: Why the controller keep goes into program mode randomly?
A: If the controller enters the remapping mode randomly when playing, it may because your hand or other object touches the touching sensor area unintentional.

Please cut off the tin foil (include the wire), then use the combined buttons (L1+ R1+ Down + X) to enter the setting mode to see if it will help.

If it still fails, please try to wrap the point that goes to the tin foil with Electrical tape to see if it will work.

Q: I finished the installation, for what reason I can’t enter the setting mode?
A: If both sensor touching and combined buttons won’t work, please confirm whether the function buttons of the controller work properly. If yes, please recheck the connection of the Orange flex cable and PCB board (remap chipboard).

Q: Why both blue and red light won’t turn on after installing?
A: Please check the alignment issue of the orange flex cable (FPC cable) ensuring the FPC cable is secured correctly (the holes were aligned between the brown ribbon cable and the motherboard)

Controller Function Troubleshooting and Solutions

Q: Why the X button won’t work when installed with the dawn remap kit?
A: If you have soldered to remap the touch-pad button, please check to see if it is well soldered without misaligned. Or if not, please reattach the brown ribbon cable to make sure the holes of it and motherboard are aligned.

Q: What’s the problem after I install it, it was working fine and after a few minutes my controller just acts on its on the L2 kept pressing without pressing?
A: Please recheck the brown ribbon cable ensuring it is secured correctly (the holes were aligned between the brown ribbon cable and the motherboard). And fasten the middle screws of the motherboard.

Q: I successfully remapped the extra buttons, but they don’t work.
A: In case of a short, please reorganize the wires that go to the remap chipboard to avoid the coated of the wires torn, and when they touch with each other, it may cause the short circuit.

Q: The controller can’t charge when connected with the ribbon cable, but work when removed from the ribbon cable.
A: The item won’t affect the charging of the controller. Please disconnect the ribbon cable, fully charge the controller, and installed the remap kit again. When the controller is at the low battery, please try to charge it again to see if it will work.

Installation Tutorial:
Dawn V1
Dawn V2