eXtremeRate Nintendo Switch JoyCon DFS LED Kit FAQs

Q: Connection issues. I can’t click my left joycon anymore. Nor does it charge.
A: Please recheck the connection of the flex cable on the side rail and motherboard.

Q: Can you set each controller to a different color simultaneously?
A: Yes, you can set different colors on each joycon simultaneously.

Q: How long can the led lights stay on? and can I charge my switch with the led lights on?
A: If the LED kit is on, it can be charged when connecting to the console. Normally, the led lights can stay on for 5 hours.

Q: Will this work with Switch Lite?
A: No, this only works with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller, thank you!

Q: Does this kit require soldering?
A: Please don’t worry, this doesn’t require soldering.

Q: Why does the LED of the left side light board not light up?
A: First please test the SL, SR, and Reset buttons one by one to check if every button works individually. If all of the buttons work, please press the SL+SR buttons for 5 seconds to see if the LED lights will turn on.

 Installation Tutorial: NS DFS LED Kit