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eXtremeRate Dpad Version Replacement Full Set Shell Case with Buttons for Joycon of NS Switch - Classic 1989 GB DMG-01

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Tired of your boring old gray standard color?
This is the way to go!
Great customization option for DIY enthusiasts with a Switch.

Read Before Purchase:

  • Please don't wrongly think they are Switch Joy-cons. Actually, they arereplacement shells(D-pad version) with full set buttons for NS Switch Joycon & OLED JoyCon without any electronic parts. The console, Joy-con and other parts are not included. The console housing shell is not included.
  • Requires customers to take apart the Joy-con to replace the old Joy-con shells and buttons. Requires customers with electronic installation experience. Get an installation video guide on YouTube by searching "JoyCon Dpad Guide Extremerate" or "cTajxu8ZpzI".

Product Features:

  • Totally upgrade your Switch to the exclusive and stylish level.
  • Ergonomic d-pad buttons can greatly improve your left Joy-con function, perfect for d-pad intensive games.
  • Made of durable non-toxic ABS plastic.
  • More comfortable and feels better in hand than the stock shell.
  • Great smooth grip, soft in hand and feels silky; Anti-slip, sweat-free for a long period of game playing.

Installation Tips:

  • Installation difficulty: High
  • Time spent: 3 hours or more
  • Patience needed: High
  • Go slow. Check every connection. Keep your screws organized.
  • Watch a YouTube video on how to do it though, pausing and replaying often.
  • When you are reassembling the Joy-cons you must be conscious of how tight you are tightening the screws as that will affect how your buttons to press.
  • When removing the Joy-con outer screws make sure you are using a Tri-wing screwdriver. Be careful not to strip the 4 outer triangle screws or over-tighten any screws.
  • There are multiple very delicate ribbon cables that need to be removed and reattached.
  • Use tweezers instead of bulky fingers at all times to help with the little pieces that you'll take to move to the new case.
  • Note that the ZR and ZL on the Joy-cons are spring-loaded so be careful when opening.

Package Includes:
1x Left Joy-con D-pad housing with middle tray
1x Right Joy-con housing with middle tray
1x A/B/X/Y buttons
1x D-pad
1x Direction buttons
1x Cross screwdriver
1x Tri-wing screwdriver
33x Screws
6x Springs

Note:The console, Joycon and thumbsticks are not included!