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Replacement Full Set Buttons for Gameboy Color GBC - Chrome Red

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SKU: JCB3003

The handheld game console for Gameboy Color gave usan unforgettable portable gaming memory since it was released in 1998.
It's time to take it out from your drawer and give a new look to your old friend!

Read Before Purchase:
1. This product only is compatible with Gameboy Color handheld game console.
2.They are replacement buttons for Game Boy Color GBC. The console, shell and other parts are not included.
3.Required customers to take apart the game console to replace your previous buttons; Get the installation video guide by searching"Extremerate buttons for Game Boy Color"or"2ydhXYxawu0"on Youtube.

Product Feature:
Ideal replacement for your broken or sticky buttons.
Totally upgrade your console to the exclusive and stylish level.
Made of premium ABS material, durable and practical.
Made of durable solid plastic; The Chrome Red color looks amazing; Would be awesome if you combine it with our shell.

Package Includes:
1* A button
1* B button
1* Power button
1* Dpad
1* Select button
1* Start button
1* Rubber conductive pad
1* Prying tool
2* Screwdriver
13* Screws
Note: The console, shell and other parts are not included!